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Triwell's business builds on a "WIN-WIN" relationship between Triwell and its customers. We are truly committed to giving full satisfaction to our clients. Our well-trained project engineers and product engineers are ready to work closely in attending every detail of our clients' requirements.

As businesses are undergoing global competitions, we believe that the only way to win in this competitive world is to tighten co-operation. As your partner, we can provide highly flexible manufacturing, local sources, quality audits, and consultation services all at a competitive price. In fact, with over 15 years of manufacturing experience and having made considerable investments in production facilities and technologies, we are in a strong position to compete in the global market.

Our mission is to continue improving ourselves, and to provide the best quality, price and services to our customers. With this profound vision in our management, we believe that Triwell will continue to grow and prosper hand in hand with our customer.

Customer First .....Quality Always has been our creed and as we continue our journey towards total customer satisfaction, we are determined to keep focusing on our vision, commitment, and values. Satisfying customer expectations are our first priority while ensuring that the quality of our products is always improved.

Triwell is committed to growth and this means we will accelerate our globalization efforts and dedicate ourselves to our customers. To accomplish our goal, we need a strong partner such as you.

Triwell's Quality Policy - "Customer First .......... Quality Always"


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